Uhh, gotta get it...uhhh....hmmm....get it, get it

[Verse 1]
Stab through the neighborhood, these spinnin'
We's winnin', scrap with the John Lennon
Headrests, TV's in 'em
Best in the nation, on this Playstation
The Don Dada, gotta get you hotter
Been a buck naked nigga smokin' water
On a Friday, the get high day
Blowin' at a hot date, findin' Shade
Black and bicantay, with ass everwhere, how you do that there?
A sight to behold, break the mold
Just tryin' to get some before the world explode
I see you tryin' to get caught
Well shake what your mama gave ya, plus what you bought
We fuck and we fought, we laugh and we cry
Told the truth and we lie

You be good to me, I'll be good to you
Anything you want, anything you do
I got my eyes on you, and I'm into you
Give it all I got, and to keep it hot
Now what a freak like you, doin' with a fool like me?
Explain it to your family
It's got to be insanity --because I like what you're doing to me--

[Verse 2]
You know you ain't right standin' at the light
Think it's chocolate with that shit too tight
And if I fuck around and get you in the car with me
Motherfuckers would think I had a star with me
Now see the haterism increase
They hate when you got a dime piece
And I got one shotgun, and I might catch a hot one
When I'm lookin' for love and niggas got none, uhh
If you let me handcuff your wrist
Bonnie and Clyde ain't got shit on this
Cuz Bonnie and Clyde had to take a risk
But most of my money see it's all legit --baby--
It's all about your state of mind
Now what would you do if I handed you a TEC-9?
Are you feelin' me?
Would you stay down like Hillary?
Even if you thought about killin' me?


[Verse 3]
Are you the type of girl that would call them folks
Have your man leave the house in chains and ropes
Don't need the kind of girl that'll have me in court
On lawsuits lyin' about domestic abuse
Have a bitch like Judge Judy cussin' me out
Garnish my checks, repossess my Lex
Cuz I come from a place in southern Californi'
Where hoes rake niggas for tons of alimony
But fuck the world don't aks me for shit
Unless you my boo, and I'm fuckin' you
The rest of these broads ain't knowin'
That I'ma have you bumpin' Lauryn, in somethin' foreign
Come through blow the horn
Stick your wrists out the window
And wave to your kinfolks
Let 'em know who you with
And to your crazy-ass daddy, let him know who to get


Produced By Mario Winans

Album War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)